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Blurb About Me

Done with aeria no matter how many times i change my password or how many times i try and fix it someone always hacks it it's not worth the trouble anymore which is sad cause i love the company and the games it provides


What? You played Aion? O.o

Also, what are you playing nowadays?

Haven't played anything on aeria's portal since the beta of ee last year. ^^;

thankfully and we're all blessed that the storm wasn't any worse than it was cuz a lvl 3 storm = No more Virgina for me :/

I've been so so no complaints here, just got though the hurricane and I can only be thankful that it wasn't any worse that it was

been atleast 2 years since we last spoke, just how have you been?

I claim you in the name of the federation ^-^ & the U.S.S Enterprise ^-^.. Love you

wow, your profile's muchly improved since the last time I visited. O__O

oh yeah and the confirmed Open Beta release date is January 12th, 2010

hey ^^ i found a few other things i thought u might be interested in, = Star Trek Fan Based show VERY well done with many famous star trek actors (no clue how they got them either lol they even got uhura) = More Fan Based Star Trek this one is a continuation of TOS starting where they left off with season 4 = newest episode of the STOked Podcast keeping Fans up-to-date on all the happening of the Star Trek Online release and all the beta info

if you like this stuff you can check out my facebook page i try to keep it up to date on all this stuff as it happens (pm me for my page if your interested)