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  • Name: Aimie
  • Gender: female
  • Location: Oxon United Kingdom
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Blurb About Me

my names aimie. Im 23 and from the uk.
Im a very outgoing friendly person and I love meeting new people.
I play shiaya when I have the time. Which seems like alot of the time lol.
I play Aol, but I have friends one both sides whom I love and will battle for me and with me if they need you better not mess with me ;)
I love listening to music while I play...usually any types.
Anyways I hope you think Im a nice person, hugs and cookies :P see you all soon xxx

BTW...just to warn you dont believe all you read about me...because I can be a little more than what is written...;)

When Dreams Have Shattered, And Shadows Have Faded...The Warm Heart Of An Angel Grows Cold...When She Has Finally Fallen Into Darkness With No Hope...She Will Become Your Worst Nightmare...Are you Ready???

im not a perfect hair doesnt always stay in place &I spill things pretty clumsy and sometimes have a broken and my friends sometimes fight,maybe some days dont go right.but when i take a step back and think about how truley amazing life is, and that maybe just maybe i like being imperfect :P :)

ty bobo for the siggys


work work work lol and when its not that pvp pvp pvp
heck who needs sleep :)

im well ty hun glad youre ok :)

hi hi Wishy hun i hope youre well :)

I do still log the website some, but not the game. Wont ever be returning to Shaiya almost certainly.

But I'm doing good. Hope you are too

I actually logged my Teos-fury acc today, I'll shout out for ya ;)

well deserved i reckon and as for a 15 pvp event hell yeah :)that would be great fun

I'm on AoL, Stef started on AoL after I had already started on UoF so I switched sides ;)

(I'm still checking in on Teos from time to time though)


hey hey hun yep had a lil break well 9 months lol but yes im back with a veangance mostly in 15 atm im really good thnx hope youre well wots this with the GS title hun Gratz : )




Ty Malis