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I posted a picture if your char in your forum =3

no worrys

Blurb About Me

I am what you call...a man with a child's personality. At some points, yes, I am responsible and mature. But, when with friends or family (Or anything other than business associated) I act as if I do not and cannot have a care in the world. I live in the present and forget the past, and I never look forward to the future. All it brings is concern, disgust, and terror to the hearts of man.
"The past is history and the future is unknown, but today is a gift and that is why they call it the present." -Unknown
Other than my personality, I love to play games such as MW2 or MGS4 (Including MGO.) And you may mock however you wish, but I love Anime and Manga. Why you ask? Simple, because the story lines deliver so much more than a modern day movie or t.v. show. The action depends on the series and what's better is that the lengths you can take with anime or manga is limitless! You can push the boundaries of man and truly imagine a fantasy beyond your wildest dreams, such as a utopian city or a war-torn planet in the not-too-distant future. Of course this includes CG and many other types of animation. If you're truly searching for something to "take you somewhere else", then why not give it a try? What, think it's too childish? Then try it out and prove me wrong, you'll be surprised!