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Aetherius Network - We are a group of gamers from many games that we have shared playing in the past and now spreading our legacy to other Mmorpgs.
Every new game we venture uses a different Guild persona because every new game represents a new goal and life with a new meaning.
If you're interested in any way, or just curious about what we're about and what kind of people we are, please do not hesitate to check us out, Click on the banner above this paragraph to be redirected to our website.
If your interesting in actually joining the guild to partake in a specific closed beta or open beta session, please visit this LINK and review the application process - then just make a new topic in this SECTION and use the application format described in the previous thread.


Thank you! ♡ I love pastel colors so much

Cool, I've always just been a big editor when it came to artwork digitally. I would really love to learn to do the full artwork digitally though. That'd be so cool!

♡ How are you?

That's one awesome signature and avatar combo.
+5K ~(o-o)~


ty david ^^

karma+5 for you ! nice profile ^^

Rawr new friend Karma >:3

Thanks for the cookiesss~ lol ^ω^-gives some cookies to you- And I'm doing okays just a bit on my mine lately thanks for asking it's nice to see you around forums again I like stalking....umm no watching yeah watching your art post, love the new Picture btw.♥

I think Wildstar will be out before BnS. I think they're trying to time BnS w/ GW2 content because its ready and available in Korea. atm and there's no "real" reason why it's not available for NA.


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