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Chases Rabbit into her Hide Out then procedes to Ravage the Poor Lil Bunneh!!!RaWrrrrrrrrrr Loves my Rabbit

Happy Halloween! WhiteRabbit!

we can try and kill him first with heals and dispels and then finally steal his pvp rank, and share half half xD whatcha think? :P and karma back, thank you! ^^

Thumpeeer! ^^
lets mug Riotzz xD

bijouuuuu.. little rabbit ;ppp

Karma :))

wooa!! so nice to hear that you are doing great!! take care of yourself and your family , I dont have time for games atm... but maybe soon! :)

Blurb About Me

Why Judge something you can not comprehend when you should grasp the very thing that boggles your mind.

Am I devious.. I can be.. Am I patient.. not always.. Do I like to have fun? well Im not dead so.. DUH..

This is my son. Yes Im proud!

Today was bored so figured I would take a few pics.. lol April 9th 2011