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"Can You Dance Like The Crew?
Can You Do What We Do?
Check It Out When We're Through.
And Don't Forget That Our Moves Are True...."




how are you hun?

im good ty huny

Thx for the add :D
Karma ♥

Oh, stamped? :P I'm good. How's you?

Aww I still hope u have good ppl playing on Sarissa who can help u with quests and who r good company for u:) But if u miss Carrie ppl, then maybe u should move back here?;p

Blurb About Me

I'm playing Last Chaos, though I have taken a look at other games. The following, is a list of my Last Chaos characters.

On the Katrissa servers, my characters are:

JoBeth - lvl 131 Cleric - Guild Tuathadea.
PrinceKuriaki - lvl 90 Night Shadow.
LotusBlossom - lvl 105 Ranger.
LotusNinja - lvl 89 Ranger.
ShaolinMonk - lvl 80 EX-Assassin.

On the Nereus Servers, my characters are:

ShaolinNinja - lvl 109 Assassin - Guild KOTOR
ClubberLange - lvl 122 Highlander - Guild KOTOR (GM)
ShaolinNun - lvl 75 EX-Ranger - Guild KOTOR

On the Vinicius Servers, my characters are:

ArchangelRaphael - lvl 118 Cleric - Guild SeedsOfLife.
Veralidaine - lvl 109 Cleric - Guild COVEN.
Mithros - lvl 97 War Master - Guild SeedsOfLife.

See you all there, soon.