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Who am I? I'm no one -- But I fight against tyranny and against so-called White Knights.

I'm for fairness and equality for all - What do you stand for?


Blurb About Me

皆さんこんにちは♥ 私は柊つかさ ♥ - 現在日本語学習. ♥

ღ Currently taking a break from learning Japanese to process what I've already learned ღ

♥ 司はかわいいです♥

ღ I don't usually chat ~ I'm the quiet one~♥ ღ

I have so many different interests ranging from collecting 80s toys through to enjoying and learning about Japanese Culture, which I was exposed to at a young age when I first saw the original 1950s undubbed Godzilla movies and enjoyed them, I saw my first animes (Battle of the Planets) at a young age too and slowly developed an interest in all things Japanese, however that is just a small amount of the activities I enjoy ~ not to mention but I love 'Kawaii Culture' too :) My favorite anime character is Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star, I have a lot in common with her =3, I'm a good cook, wear overalls and a good friend ~ I'm not so good with cell phones though =P

Born in Loughborough, England. I lost both my parents at young age which caused me a lot of grief, stress and depression which I eventually overcame. I met someone who I truly loved and again, fought to overcome great odds and moved to the United States to be with her, and we've been together ever since. ♥

Current Goal in life: Visit Japan, I mean real Japan not Westernised places like Tokyo, I want to see rural Japan, visit a real Shinto temple and traditional Matsuri, especially Cherry Blossom festivals. Possibly attempting to try for JLPT-N5, my Japanese language level is perhaps at pre-school level but I keep learning new words every day :D がんばるよ!!



dat avatar yo *^* so cute


I took 1 course on Japanese so far and it basically went over most of what's being covered on N5 (looked at the study material for N5) except -te form verbs.

best stranger profile comment ever.

New friend karma~! x3

Wa, it appears you don't play much anymore, but you page is sooo cute. I love Tsukasa! I felt so sorry for her when she lost that phone (though kind of was inevitable she would lose it :D )

I was wondering if I could join LuckyStars :D...

IGN: Ryukum

P.S. wut's ur IGN??!!

hey i was wondering if i can join Lucky Star im lvl 42 and a fan of lucky star

Hell I am very interested in joining this guild. I am new to Eden Eternal, but I am a very active player. I'm looking for a friendly guild to show me the ropes, and LuckyStars seem to be just what I am looking for. Thank you for your time and I hope you will accept me into your guild. My character's name is Godric_TB.