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Blurb About Me

I am shaiya PvPer even though I havent been very aktive lately.
Use to be AoL PvPer to jungle linked died and home sever PvP was dead, so me and my guild moved Etain UoF.

Currently Guild Leader of Nostrum Etain UoF.
Preivues GuildLeader of PuffPuffPass Etain AoL.
Previous Officer in The Asscend Canta PvP Guild AoL
Preious Officer of Avuem Of Alliance Etain AoL.


Retried 70 UM AoL Blunt Shield Fighter Etain
Retried Archer
Retried canta Priest
Retried canta Priest

Main Toon


pokes sebby :P

ugh,working as crazy lately.. no time for fun fun :/
Hope ur doing great! tc on urself sebbie

Pang!!! Sebby!!!

>:D shang!!!

whats your skype then x_x

i miss my sebby :C

SEBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :O



thank you Pax for my new siggy