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28 years old, I like my fun n games... currently workin on going back to school for game design, programming & animation. Always happy to make new friends, so if you're active & aren't just lookin to rack up a friend count add me.

Currently only play Shaiya...addicted I must admit. My main is DeviLish-Orc, a Fury on Gaia & an officer of the guild TruBlood



gratz on the new sig! looks a lot nice than the old one :)
keep up the good work, maybe i'll update mine too

ty, for the compliment on my sig work, +karma for you :) ,
i am glad you like them. lmk if u are ever in the market for a design, ill give it a go for you.

p.s. what server do you play? :)

thanks for the add dont have many on here haha....hope you can give me some pointers to help with my terd of a computer