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Blurb About Me

The upsides.. ❤ The sun comes up every morning. Hope gets lost but never dies. The smell after a storm. Seasons change. You have a soulmate out there. Miracles are real. There's beauty in everything. Your breathing. Love is eternal.
You're never as alone as you think you are.
The downsides.. You fall in love with the wrong person.

You never know what you have until it's gone, so hold onto everything precious and everything not.

Hi! My name is Delilah, but only Joakim gets to call me Delilah, which means you get to call me Ronnie! I'm a very socialable person that loves to meet new people, which means you should leave me a comment and talk to me, really! You won't regret it. I like it when people post pictures of pie in my comment box too. :3 I'm sixteen years old, and I have the most amazing friends anybody could ever ask for, and Cezar is the best one out of them all. (: I'm a very emotional person that likes the color yellow and is obsessed with pikachu. :D I get offended easily. I'm not hard to talk to, so again, leave me a comment. OR whisper me ingame! I'm usually on Katar 1 or 6. (: I play Last Chaos on a level 72 archer named Metriix.

I remember the sleepless nights when I would lie awake, if only I could tell you how I feel. It only takes a couple seconds.. a minute. A razor to relieve the pain, make me drowsy, fall asleep.. You can't lose touch of reality when there's nothing going on.. you can't. When your eyes are red you shouldn't even be awake. My mind won't let me sleep. A paranoid frenzy, every look is disapproval. Everything I'm doing wrong I have to do right, I have to fix everything. I need to worry less and less and less.. Just stay calm. But the razor is calling, my body is responding. An addiction worse than crack.. something that takes a lifetime to get over, an eternity in hell for doing.



ur bf or friend look awesome also u look awesome ROCK ON and cool hair

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heya hun :)

Happy valentines day :]

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