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reincarnated to WU, following SML guild.

bahh idk how to use proxy

tough call!
i like granola cereals best....
and also great grains.
the kid in me likes things with marshmellows!

sorries i ment-though
i need to keep the grammer natzi's busy!
but have you seen thou's NB vdeo?
it is good,i liked for the nyan nyan cat i first seen it on appels page
and be carful on you tub- a scammer is trying to get people go to an editting site.
i was tempted to go but my fwiffo swnse tingled and sure enough when i went to chek in with that person there account was closed!
edit:for your viewing pleasure--->

it totally bombed! :(
as anything done by people from yuan shao/doung zhuo.
thanks for stopping in thou!!!
nic to see a freindly face(even if its what looks like a bloody eye-heehhhehe)

Lol, nope, one kitty. I only have 2 and the other is fat and black hehe.

Hmm, I suppose if I were to be a jutsu I would be a wind style barrier. I would be a fast moving cycle that would encircle the one that could perform me with wind so fast that it could not be penetrated. The caster would be not be able to cast out jutsu while inside this cyclone. I would be impenetrable both ways. It's both an impenetrable defense and can be used for capture. The radios of said cyclone can be expanded to allow for more people to fit inside, but the bigger you make it the more chakra it consumes and the weaker the defense.

That better? o.o

DumDum! Hehehe!

It's one kitty. Just different poses of my baby Speckles sleeping. She is the cutest isn't she? ^^

And to be a jutsu instead of a human? Hmmm, that depends on what kind of jutsu. If I were to be a manifest of the same person in jutsu form I would assume I would be some kind of protective jutsu...i guess. ^^

That sounds....really gross >.>

What about octopus? o.o

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I am always sleepy, I always want to sleep and sometimes I cant. I always want to sleep and sometimes I sleep... but then I realize I was not sleeping, I was walking the same streets, night and day. Two cities merged togheter. Always stray, without knowing if I am sleeping or awake (...)