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= us time

= Euro time
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you should text me

would be nice to play with u again

yeah im back im still in teos part of dark family

whats up?

nice siggy +5


I have just been PVPing and playin around in Canta. Where u been love.

Hey hey hey Beautiful!

*hugss voor mn noonieee*

Ty for taking my invite +5 karma


Blurb About Me

I'm back *muhahaha*

WhiskerPounce UM Oracle lvl 80
NONA-SHIVA BM Warrior lvl 80
RebelYell BM Oracle lvl 74 aka Queenie_Shiva (Former leader of Dutch Paradise)
-ShivaSpanks- BM Oracle lvl 51 *leveling for fun for goddes pvp and tokens*
Mega_Shiva UM Warrior lvl 70
Stealth-Shiva UM Asasin lvl 70
Nona-Maluku UM Guardian lvl 60 for Goddes PvP
Shiva_Burn_U UM Pagan lvl 30 pvp
****-U-Crash BM Oracle lvl 30 for GRB and pvp (borc)
Shiva_s_Son UM Hunter lvl 60
Nona_Maluku BM Guardian lvl 59 retired lol

Teos Dark FTW

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