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DANm i miss you moo where you been iv been playing SF2 Bugsy

omg! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i miss you

noob yet so Mooooootastic™

Haha, I remember we used to play wolfteam together with Ducky.I think the clan name was Devilspawn? Can't remember what my name was though, unless it is just this weird name, KSXxFaithxX. I don't think it was though because I have no forum posts under this name. I go by "Ordinary Gatsby" now in most games, something a little more sophisticated i guess. Hope things are going well man.

Edit: My IGN was "Kdog". Just found out from going back to the old guild site:

[GS]Moo ? Wait ?!!?!?! Is that you ?
OmGGGG , I remember uuuuuu!!!!!
250 HP All the time & 3 Gold dragon tattos =O I remember u !! When i was messaging you ignore me "Like a boss" :D , Welcome back bud.!!

I really miss seeing you around. Karma for loving Liverpool :) Lets hope we do great this season :D

Hey Moo! I hope you are doing well buddy :)

Karma...Welcome back Moo! you were missed!

Moooo :) hey buddy. karma 4 u!

Karmaz for you! Do it for the MOOs :D