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  • Name: Matt
  • Gender: male
  • Location: Auckland New Zealand
  • Join Date: Jul 29, 2008
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xMATYZZx G12 Redemption GUAN, Original Old Skool Player!!!!


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SoR and SoS servers are most Oceanic server based also SoR Sancturm of Rall is what wer playing on mostly Kiwis SoS is them Aussies we smoke haha

and yeah bro ill help u out once u get the game aye been helping john and nick out atm

Sancturm of Rall bro username Jakez.2704 i got a max human thief but im doing a Slyvari Guardian now Nick plays now too and Showstompers

yo matt got it yet? hah

Bro the games mean as beh needa buy it

kammy lol. wtf still grinding hard?

Hundy bro if ur gonna get it come on blackgate bro so i have some1 to jam with haha.

chur bro

I got Gw2 playing on blackgate server buy the game beh its pretty mean and join that server.

Skrillex ♥

haha Soul sheet havent seen them in ages say hi for meh :o yeah bro D3 got boring lol waiting for gw2 if u gonna jam it hit me up ill come jam it too

Blurb About Me

HI All I am MATYZZ, a little bit on history for you I started playing 12 Sky in June 2008 on Serenity Server. It was here that IMPULSE Guild was born under then idea of Myself and SuperAki. I must say that I really enjoy the people that i meet and the brotherhood and sisterhood we all hold as MMPORG players. Enjoy!! Watchout for my DEADLY!!! To my Number 1 Bro in TS2 Slazick you are awesome!!!!!To My Jin Family You guys will and always Rock!!! Vi,Shay,Anu,Red To much you guys are the bestest,
Check out my Music Fun activities and Real Life things to not forget about us as Humans
Please remember to respect those gone before us.