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You're profile needs a 2nd comment and +5karma ,Whoo !


Blurb About Me

I'm your typical gamer. I love MMO's because their so fun and you get to meet some very funny people online. I also like to read because reading is fun and its a good past time when I'm not near my computer to play any games XD. Also, I hate those players that get mad about little things. I'm like seriously calm down its a game. Other than that I'm easy to get along with. You can ask anyone in my guild (Passion). Lastly, I am also an ex-DOMO player. I'm BlackPrince. I doubt anyone remembers me because I haven't been on in years. After the bull I faced in PWE games I decided to come back to Aeria(DOMO) because the service here is awesome. Unfortunately I came back when they shut down DOMO. So I went into my emo corner because of it. No, I'm not emo. I just have the corner.Well anyway, I can't wait till LO comes out to finally get a chance to play with you all.