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Daily Comment from Rin/Ren: Set forth on your journey with vigor and courage, for it is not the time nor place to be defeated. Blaze from within, once an withering lit candle wick now a fierce flame! Behold, the power of youth! (And Life)

Character Name: MonariLucifer

Full Name: Lucifer Alexander Yakuzai

Nick Names: Luci, Momo

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Birthday/year: December 25, 1989

Hair: Sharp Shaggy Styled, White Hair Color

Eyes: Almond Shaped, feminine-like, silver colored eyes

Origin: Arcadia

Language: American English, Japanese

Blood Type: O Positive

Height: 5"8ish

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: 140 Pounds/ Slim, Athletic Physique

Race/Species: Appears Human

Parents/Elders/Guardians: Current lord of Arcadia

Siblings: Deceased

Friends/Allies: Lyvain, Hanku, Ouo, Rouni, Phandar, xXPandora (A few off the top of my head)

Enemies: Taraka, Troll, Fomorion, Gaki, Alpha Hack Bosses and so many others xD

Beliefs/Religion: Law Alignment (Messiah)

Career/Past Careers: Law Soldier (Past). (Current) Shotmage (Class 10 DM)/DD Class 5.2/Cotw (Class 3.3) Samurai

Dreams/Life Goals: He would like to one day be Clan Master, or a Sub Master of a Clan he calls home, and with it support and friendship from all within it, Making a name of himself, for himself, along with one day believing in himself to the fullest!

Hobbies: Photo Shooting (Screenies of Beautiful scenery and such), Artist (Writer/Drawer/Imaginary), Honing skills, teaching others what he knows if asked and such

Likes: Silver/Crimson Silver, relaxing in babel, chillin with friends, learning new things, dungeon hosting (While teaching party about run and such if they are new players), alongside other things

Loves: The Moon (Period), helping others, and just being a good friend

Dislikes: Disloyalty, Drama, Backstabbers (pretty much negative stuff)

Loathes: ^ But in far worse scenarios and such

Fears: Himself (Slowly working on it)



Good Qualities:

Bad Habits:

Turn Ons:

Turn Offs:

Normal Talents:

Supernatural Powers & Abilities:




Btw, Megaten is up. My profile has links.

We all need to get connected over in Atlus.

So far, still no word in either forum about what we're supposed to do. x.x I'm not sure if you'll get this message, since you have SO many accounts, and even more characters.... Oh, well. Time to put in the next load of laundry. Figure I might as well clean every **** thing I own, in the meantime.

Sounds like the Mabinogi owls...........

Very nice. And if the last demand received such prompt attention.. hrm. Your fanbase now demands cookies and pizza.

Ahaha! Btw, your fanbase demands you pick a display picture!



Unleash that inner you that is dormant in that casket, hidden deeply in the is not fret, set forth to victory and shine!