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  • Name: Living with out a name.
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  • Location: Wishing to visit Dalas for BFF ♥ United States
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Kefak Ya ahi

No im not and its Ilias :)

LOL that must have been my sister's ghost there that day.

ur from australia?
well nice name xD karma :3

for my signature shop link, i'll be making a new one soon and I'll put the code in my shop :3
I was supposed to make one earlier but im always so lazy X

your signature is done:

Thank you! c: Karma back~

ty ty ;3

as a stranger passing by~**got shock whn i saw one of ur fren's avy is the ghost...i hate scary things Q~Q
oh and karma-ed bcuz i like ur siggy and avy ♥ c;


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