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Blurb About Me

Hello everyone, My Name is VanZen. I am the Guild Master of Archadian Empire we are a Guild comprised of Night Shadow brethren and the seductive Mage, exclusive to these two powerful class of characters. We are a Family here there is no foe to strong that we can not overcome together, as a unit. Honesty, Loyalty and Respect are the three rules of this guild. nothing is expected of you but all that you can be. and that my friend is a Legend in and of its self. Glory is withing your reach all you have to do is take it, By force if needed and is recommended. For some of us this is more than a game. it is a way of life, an extension of who we are so to speak. Malice and Skill Points are the name of the game in Archadian Empire. We hold true to our own, We look to no one for support, We are evil to every extent of the word but are by no means dishonest. There are few like myself who share my merciful disposition. i have my reasons for my kindness, as a Guild Master i have learned the value of kindness, though my heart is cold as Vladimir and black as ash i will give you the shirt from my very back if i feel you deserve it, i have in the past. I plan to have the highest ranking Guild in Katrissa, and i also have other plans i will not divulge at this time.
In closing and on a real level, i love you all who play and enjoy Last Chaos it is an honer to have battled along side many of you in my time. Many of you have shown me a great number of things and procedures long the way, Having said that i feel i have the ability to teach others what i have learned along the way and i still do it every day,
yet still i feel i can better assist the constant turn over of new members of Last Chaos. Am i willing to set my own affairs aside to help no matter the situation? yes i am. time and my actions have proven that. My #1 concern in Last Chaos is to see to it that every member i can assist has assistance of some kind as long as it is in my power to assist said member. Information is free and time is a valuable thing, both of witch i have plenty to offer.

~Archadian Empire~