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karmaaa =)


i misses you dork!


Hahahaha Hi Az :D Long time no talkkkk! How goes it



Awesome Fanart People have done for me. :'3

Blurb About Me

About me, eh?
Well, phrases I live by:
"You can't restrain me with logic"
"Even if the world is destroyed tomorrow, I'll plant an apple seed today"
Followers of the Way, if you wish to see this Dharma clearly, do not let yourselves be deceived. Whether you turn to the outside or to the inside, whatever you encounter, kill it. If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha; if you meet the patriarchs, kill the patriarchs; if you meet Arhats, kill Arhats; if you meet your parents, kill your parents; if you meet your relatives, kill your relatives; then for the first time you will see clearly. And if you do not depend on things, there is deliverance, there is freedom!" (Zen Teaching of Rinzai, pp. 43-44)

Other than that, I'm young and learning every day~! ♥

MUCC, see them in concert if you ever get the chance.

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