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My name is Amber Danielle Lear, better known as the social butterfly Saranessa in the MegaTen Clan "Discotek!" ran by my good friends Momo (aka Momma), Cabby, Itsu, and many more. I am almost 20-years old, and have a weakness for really good video games. I am an author and a lot of my work is based around fantasy and demons, so MMORPG's are basically my Garden of Eden. I love the Aeria site, and have fallen for MegaTen more than any other game.
My heart belongs to Caleb Webster, and we are now happily engaged. I love him so very much and I wouldn't trade my lovely nerd for anything. I love him more than Demons love Magnetite! {nerdy Megaten joke}

MegaTen Username: Saranessa/LadySorinaValkai
Clan: Discotek!


I miss my Sara ;o; Take care of your health while working!!


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