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HEY DALI!!!!!!!!!! :) Oh and don't worry, me and Prentiss are coming back :P
Just wanted to say hi, dumb eternia is messed up and been busy with college also. Take care!!!!!!! :)

haha what up yep its me lol

Karma just cuz lol ;p


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Blurb About Me

Oh Jeez, what could I possibly put here? Just kidding!

I'm just your basic nerd, I suppose. A tomboy, so I've got more in common with the guys than with a girl, so much so that sometimes guys think I am one - lol. A little shy, but I warm up to anyone I like quickly. Shy or not, I'm not afraid to speak my mind if I'm passionate enough about it.

More of a homebody than a partier - by choice, being an artist doesn't pay a lot and if you go out you gotta spend money, and I'd rather buy art supplies, books, music, comics, video games and DVDs than go out and get drunk or whatever.

I play Last Chaos on Hatzring mostly under the name Dalinna or Perytas. I'm also on Eden Eternal on Aquamarine under the name of Graelalea.