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Blurb About Me

Z3R0, R12, Ive started in fujins hated it, then went nangin and had a dream about all nangin players coming together, when i tried to succeed my dream, i had negative comment come towards me while i was stressing, which included more pain and hatred against me..., i broke down and said fk nangin...
I needed to continue my dream some else where; nangin was a interruption to my future and i dont have time for the disrespect and favoritism they had on me and the poor.
As i took the time to think on the chose i was gonna make, ive though about the great times us nangins had until the lack of teamwork decreased, and when that happen'd most people was excluded from events and was ran over by the ones that though they we're the best and judged the ones they though we're bad players, and i was one of them..., now its time to show nangin wat im all about by going against my old family.................

-Welp Part 2 of the story...

-Finding out that most of ma people, bro's, and sisters are quitting or they either taking break, i still dont stop to save ma faction from total destruction! ! !
I had a dream about me being successful in the Nan Faction, and had a Nightmare about nan dying,seems like the nightmare is coming true- but also im their Death-note becuz anyone that step in ma FACTION- will DI3Trying...

It Seems like everyone is not completely nan becuz most of them are leaving becuz of these faction return scroll's, well sometimes u have to take a step on ur own to actually get the experience...Sad enough that most of my bro's leaving, but i need the cp anyways lol...

---Part 3
-Now that all of my role models/big bro's has been extinct from this game, ive been on my own trying to survive this clan full of hatred on me, i just wish they would take the time to find out what my dream is and actually think about the idea so that the clan can come together and work more as a team (Everyone Included)...
But it hasn't been working out, Ive tried to put my best ability within this challenge and it continues to fail, but shall i not give up on a challenge that could benefit me and my little brothers that are wanting to help nangins and get the chance to shine..., Ive been working on them too, to make them become better than me before i leave off of this nightmare.

----Part 3/Section2
_The Feelings I Have For Nangins, And the Feelings I Have Against Nangins_
I remember when i was m2 when i first join nangin and everyone was active and friendly, i didn't have to worry about the petty things that fujins would get pissed off about... but when i was growing up through this game Ive started to notice a economic changes, shooting through my heart rapidly like a bullet with no name was how fast it came...
-But then more people started to hate me from what i was doing, torturing me with all of these words that doesn't bother me but stabs me when I think about my family...
They tells me that i complain so much that its insane, but ive went through enough stress in this game to have the rights to complain..., its not easy to accomplish your dreams depending on what it is...
and one of my dreams was for all of the people in nangin to come together, but ive seen favoritism which is the main thing that hurts me, nangin has became more judgmental and a subliminal group to run over the ones that they THINK aren't helping the clan..................

Look on the bright side, I am certain your original faction will be looking forward to another active and powerful player on their side.
And now, you can show the Nangins a little something about your real power on the battlefield!
Sometime u need to cut your dead weight in order to grow strong.

I can get your drift LILT777. At least you tried.
Don't reply to those flamers no use. Just go back to your original faction. And enjoy your game.
Sorry to see it didn't work out the way you planned.
Keep in mind this can happen in any faction. You cannot control people on how they should play the game. At least not an NA/EU playerbase.

TripMo is accurate with his comment. We here in the USA are pampered and spoiled so we refuse to do anything that will not directly affect us or profit our own agendas.
Don't worry about what anybody else thinks of you Zero. All that matters is what YOU think of you. If it helps you make your mind up.. I think your passion is a honorable thing and our Faction is lucky to have you added to our side.
Better to be beside your katana than in front of it.

"Fujin/Guan power here!"
"Nangins to the boot!"

This Guys Is Right! Ya PPL Take This Game To Serious WOW! -.- Dude "Game" = Play And Have Fun Is Not Real Live!
Is Just A *** Game!


Saturday, January 14, 2012... I was given a FRS from a person that knows how to keep they're word...
Even though Ive tried my best through out the hard and easy times to support and get my respect back, Ive failed...
I though i was fit enough to fix the problem with nangin having lack of teamwork for a minimum period of time, but it seems like my past over rode my future and changed it completely, which made it harder for me to continue.- as i failed
I had dreams in nangin town when i wanted everyone to come together and have a good time, instead of this stress and complaining, even though we had our fun times, but it was temporally.- and this plan failed
Ive tried so many ways to change nangin back into its original form or at least better..., for everyone to have a chance in the game, for everyone to be included with events and fighting regardless on the level- but it failed
Ive heard things about me that should've been informed but i was told at a late time... that i complained too much, that i was a failure, a complete noob, someone that doesn't support.
when i heard these things, ive thought to myself, "if i was really this bad then why no one let me know how much damage i did while i was trying to change the future of nangin?"
but then when ive broke the meter of all the pressure that was held back, it burst , and all flames was on me............. 80% of nangins hate me, disrespects the guilds i join, threatening me with foul language... the place i though that was a family to me. but ive came to find out its just a place where people act tough, destroy people dreams, disrespect the poor, subliminal groups to run and talk trash, and judgmental..............................

Well, ive had a good time with yall, ama miss the times we had when we we're correct and stable...
i think its best for me to leave the faction so that i dont have to be avoided with any negative activity to save you nangin...
But i cant take this, its time for me to take a different route to success; Nangin isn't the best route to take anymore...
After a long thought of frustration and tribulations- even the fujins weren't the best route though out my future, they were too downgrading and so hollow... i cant even get help from them once so ever .-.... i guess ill have to make myself work within the nangin perimeter | i think nangins were the best choice after all.
ive been thinking lately, what would people think of me if i were to quit this game to continue on my official life journey, might as well...ill sacrifice myself for other dreams that could possibly come to life, there's no way i could survive anymore- i love my brothers and my sisters that was behind me the whole time when i was in my struggle- the ones that never told me to give up and i listened to your commands... started from begging to giving with a full 150% s5 gear and great skills and pets, and family :) thank you chaoseternal, rize, lady rize, lordluffy, nanashix, and akira for making me who i am today.
Now its time for me to quit the game and move on in life, ive givin my skills over to Sunshin3, AznSouja, and Killer....I miss you dave D:...i want you guys to become legends and live off as ts2 masters. love you little bros.
Coming from your big bro xZ3R0 ...
See you in ts3 :D
グッバイ (GoodBye)