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The Comic Sans Song


Blurb About Me

Welcome to my profile I guess since your here your hoping to learn a little bit more about me well I'll try to give you some information but not enough so you become a creepy stalker!!
Ingame Name: B
Former Names: Kyazi & [GS]B
Server: Garnet
Member of Legacy
Joined Garnet July 2011
Played Game Since Closed Beta
Game Sage from July 2011-Jan. 2012
( I'll be back though >:3 )

Games Currently Playing/Testing:
Minecraft, S4 League, Eden Eternal

Past Games I've played:
Wolfteam, Perfect World, Asda Story [EU & USA], Asda 2, Rose Online, Iris Online, WoW, Guild Wars, League of Legends, Ragnarok Online, Remnant Knights [Beta Tester], Grand Chase and probably more that I dont remember lol


I am a Female Gamer! I know shocking we do exist :P Anyways... I have brown hair, blue eyes and I am attending college :D I hate driving except on those odd days when I just want too... I do not like dark or milk chocolate only White x3 I Love Cookie Dough ice cream and Birthday cake Icecream as well. My favorite colors are black and gold but also extends out to red and white/silver. I dislike horror films but love comedy, action, fantasy etc. I like all types of music except religious music and I dont care for politics lol.

My Goals/Dreams are:
-To get hired at a Gaming Company and work with them as a GM or Graphic Designer or Both! lol
-To get my books published (after i finish fixing them)
-To create a house with a bunch of secret rooms and hidden passageways (im a fantasy/medivel dork ;3)
-To have fun and never forget my kid inside.

Well im not sure what else to say Hope this answered some of your questions or gave you a better understanding of who I am :3





Hi im going to have to decline your request, I don't mind working with wall papers but its such an awkward image to turn into a sig. Please edit with a render or another wallpaper. Ty.

well i was passing by and i like ur profile and i saw u ran out of karma so 5+ karma

Moar karmi for Beh

B's u ran out of karmi :3

蛇Happy New Year B! 2013 ~ Year of the Snake蛇



Ohai B (◕‿◕✿)

Wa, I love your new wedding sig. ^_^ Nice work!