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Hey man, glad to see you're still active!

Haha ^^ no...they are just think they belong to you ^^ haha but in reality they really belong to me. ^w^ hahahaha I win

Hey Kross!! I haven't been on here for a while so I thought I would surprise you. lol ^-^ Remember I own your arms. lol

Haha theres always a number of sex positions! Go to Spencer's if theres one in your area, they always have those stupid books. But thanks! I'll see if I can rent FFVII.

Well, Kross...I can't deny that, if I suddenly had to take up the mantle of the Eversun Elder, it'd probably go something like that. Also, I swear, if I ever get to write a weekend quest event NPC, the item to collect is going to be Underwear, so stock up. XD