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Blurb About Me

Note: I've been hoping to improve my health/studies. I guess you could say my " well-being" Depending on how it turns out I'm not sure of a specific return date. I didn't want to leave my friends or anyone curious about my absence without reasoning. Take care and if you do wish to keep in touch; msn: : ) Keep smiling! -Kokoii (Amy)

Credit: Vilkdagiuke


Hai thur :3
long time ^^

Where are you hiding?

Oh hai there :D


I have invaded your perimeter. \o.o/

Awh!!!! Such a cute profile and pic!! x3333 *Hugs*

Dark Cloud was one of my favourite games while I was in the 8th grade, and its soundtrack will always be dear to me. That game had some seriously epic music, lol.

No sweat about the screenshot. Just send it to me whenever you'd like.


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