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Memories of a Nightmare: A DWO Short Film by S.n. Tenshi Has been uploaded. Enjoy it in HD! Thanks for Watching!


I need to spar with you more. I am really rusty as you can tell, xD

You're scary good, just so you know, lol.

New jinx will come! I need 4 more days of free watering muahahaha!...muhuaha....MUAHAHAHAHAA! xD

Playlist .com is funking up lolz

Sure thing ^^

The picture is from Warcraft 3 Thrall xD...but I just like it since its a badass orc pic xD

Yes I do, at east twice per week, for example:
-To do Rank A quests
-To do Distribution centered quests
-To use once each lieutenant daily or each 3 days to reduce the food use XD

So yeah I still do play it...also if my bro tells me "Hey no slowbugs today!" I go and rock on...I must admit that now more than ever, the playerbase is a lot less worthy to in general: musou spam teams or full elemental combos teams everywhere...all playing simply to win without worrying about worthy its more usual is hard to get motivated to fight seriously :/...luckily I am looking to arrange good old days "thermal-matches" to have some nice fun ^^...almost finishing this university semester :D