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Coming Soon.



I am sorry mate got banned due to a mistake but I'm back!

Message me as soon as you can!
I miss you! :(

Aww, I wish we could play together now as me playing GF again is... not likely. But I hope we can keep in touch now and chat here. I'll probably be checking back in a lot. So just shoot me messages ;D

Hey man, been a while. How are you? Figured I'd check my profile for Aeria and found your comment. Most of my time now is spent playing LoL and streaming. You can check me out at Would love to talk to you again!

Take care.

-return poke- \o/

How's school? I'll try out Lime too.

How you been bro?

Yeah I was going to try LO but then Tera online came out. And now GW2 so yep addicted to GW2.

Hey bro, playing any AGE games at tall? Any chance you are going to play Imagine on Atlus Online? lol