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Blurb About Me

Wolfteam? Alliance Of Valiant Arms? Soldier Front?
Hard choice. You decide.

I am Kight.Slayer, a high forum user to Aeria Games, and a use-to-play-a-lot Wolfteam Member.

Wolfteam is a pay-to-win game, and completely unbalanced.

I want to be a GS! It would be great if you would just endorse me to be a GS whenever I apply for one.

I try hard to be liked and a normal user, but it gets difficult I fluently speak English.

My Kill/Death Ratio in Wolfteam is low (1.08) because of the poor balance of the game, but even though I have no AP items, I still level up fast (Silver Bar). If you are strict on your clan requirements and I want to join, add me or test me to hear the real story.
The Story: When I first joined Wolfteam I was just like any other noob, not knowing anyone or how to even use my sights. I had to ask to learn all of those because I joined when I was 10, and I didn't really read anything like Controls. Because of this I would be running around with a Stout trying to no-scope people at like 50 meters. I had horrible aim. Even after that I would jump off the map a lot, not knowing that in this game, KDR means everything.

Don't Mess Around!

I have some great friends on here, but I don't feel I need to say why I am there friend.
----Many More

zDeadSilence is allegedly a wall hacker. You can tell he turns it on and off, depending on the room (if there is someone who is known for recording and reporting, he will turn them off. Try not to cry.

I am not racist except that "ALL TURKISH PLAYERS HACK AND/OR ATTEMPT TO HACK". Why is this? Who knows. They're Turks. But you have to give every player a chance.

Comment on my profile. Add me. PM me.


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zDeadSilence? in WolfTeam I guess ^^ if it was A.V.A I could offer to record to get the proof you need :p

You have done a terrific job on creating your profile.

Keep it up!

Very nice work on your profile.

Tell me how you can change names when you create a account on the forums?