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Blurb About Me

Likes to:
-Play MMORPG's (Obviously)
-Read Manga
-Watch Anime
-Review & Criticize
-Eat Tastey Foods
-Be Happy
-Sleep In
-Take Pictures
-Listen to Music

-Loud People (Especially CAPS on Interwebs)
-Annoying/Obnoxious People
-Speaking French (But, I somewhat can)
-Butterfingers & Almond Joys
-Spicy Foods

Now you know everything about me!
No, I've been dating a wonderful boy; whom also made an account on here; ever since May 15, 2009. At the same time we started dating, 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day was released and we missed the signing by two hours! It's been our "song" ever since then... Yes, the entire album. I'm generally a very happy person and love to chat with others. I get sooo insanely bored, so please... Message me and let's play Grand Fantasia together! Or you can recommend some other MMORPG's that will rock my socks. Thanks!