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Haha, that's some high praise; thank you kindly. Actually, most of the Eidolons I've written for have been female. The ones I did all the unique personal Q&A stuff for are: Grimm, Bel-Chandra, Kotonoha, Vermilion, and most recently...the snow-lady in the kimono who we haven't officially revealed yet as of this writing. I've got a couple of the upcoming ones earmarked, so hopefully there'll be some more "unique personalities" out there sooner rather than later.

Lol I've only played 4 online games in total the number you've played is just....wow.... O.O

Haha, I had a premonition that Kotonoha was going to be a popular Eidolon, particularly among guys. I worked on her conversation dialogue, so hopefully you'll find it amusing/entertaining. There are Eidolons of all types, but she really seems to lay it on thick with the "MAI WAIFU" vibe. I mean, I toned that down a bit, but tried to keep her playful coquettishness, so we'll see what players' reactions are when more people add her to their lineups.

Hey there, Kage! Alas, I have not stumbled upon Book-quests in Aura Kingdom, in which I might pen my own saga of tempestuous and torrid love to the bemusement/headdesking of readers everywhere. This game is, shockingly, mostly free from my easter egg sort of meddling. Though if you ever get the Eidolon Kotonoha, I did make sure to take her when we were divvying up the writing duties. ;D

About time huh?! XD I'll be trying all those mmo's as well. Maybe not FF though. >_>

Waiting for Archeage and Wildstar... It's a sad year for MMO's.

I don't think I will play the FF game. Well, if I get desperate and some friends are saying good things i might, lol.

Yeah hahaha... I quit once that became apparent. I hope it will either die off in peace s00n, or will actually legit come back better than before. But knowing Aeria neither will happen

Supsup. How you doing :D

Hey there Kage. Thanks for stoppin' by and blowing the dust off my 'ol profile. I haven't been around the forums much these days, but I'm still plowin' the fields of text for the games Aeria gets - although this year's releases have been something of a mixed bag (like how often they get smacked with delays). Glad to see an old-timer still representin'. Things were fun back in the old days; it was like "What'll happen if we do this? I dunno, let's try doing that." Cheers!

Oh okay I see. Why did you quit/took a break from GF?



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The statement been there done that comes to mind when people talk about mmorpgs. I wander the net looking for a game to keep my attention. Perhaps a never ending pursuit! If you are looking for a fight I will show you no mercy. If you looking to idolize me. Kage lunch boxes and action figures are going on sale in the near future.

List of Games I have played I gave up adding to this list years ago sorry folks!

Ace Online
Age of Armor
Anarchy Online
Another World
Asheron's Call
Atlantica Online
Aurora Blade
Cabal Online
Camon Heroes
City of Heroes
City of Villains
Conquer Online
Dead Frontier
Deco Online
Digimon Battle Online
DO Online
Dragon Oath
Dragon Raja
Endless Online
Ether Saga
Everquest 1
Everquest 2
Fantasy Earth Zero
Fiesta Online
Gekkeiju Online
Gemstone III
Ghost Online
Grand Fantasia
Gunz Online
Hero Online
Kal Online
Knight Online
Last Chaos
Legend of Mir 3
Lineage 2
Maple story
Martial Heroes
Mercenary Wars
Metin 2
Myth War 2
Phantasy Star Online ver 1,2 Blue Burst
Phoenix Dynasty Online
Pirate King Online
Ragnarok Online
Ran Online
Red War: Edem's Curse
Rose Online
Ruin Online
Runes of Magic
S4 League
Secret of the Solstice
Shin Megami Tensei
Sho Online
Soul of the Ultimate Nation
Supreme Destiny
Survival Project
Sword of the New World
Talisman online
Tantra Online
Thang Online
Voyage Century
War Rock
Wolf Team
World of Kung Fu
Zero Online
Zu Online
9 dragons