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  • Birth: Oct 31
  • Location: Colorado United States
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Hello JonGhost friends! I am is bro...he is doing great!! He seems happy with his job, just wish he would stay and play Grand Fantasia with me. haha...

Hope all is going great for you & really nice to see you checking in. :)

You can't leave :/

It's going to seem so strange without you. You're certainly one of a kind, a Ghost with a soul. :P Take time out for some fun and take care. Big hugs.

Bye Jon! Will miss you heaps!!! Thanks for all you and Emi done for me in MegaTen xD And yeah she did kill you in that event :o

Blurb About Me

Aeria's Games
Last Chaos - Retired at level 54
All servers - BubblyBoots
I became a GS for LC around February 2008. It is a very fun game, although they made some major changes to the game. I would recommend it for anyone.

JonGhost - I played this game to level 11... I have probably spent more AP on this game than most people who actually play it... Or at least those my level.

JonGhost - Played this again for a bit and got to level 27. I never got around to trying out the PvP, but maybe I will be back once school ends. I enjoyed playing it and crushing things.

Project Torque
Usually on Phoebus as JonGhost if I'm in the mood to burn some rubber.

JonGhost - The nub of 12Sky! I loved the varying stats on the drops.
I mainly just provide technical support for this game now when I have free time.

12Sky 2
JonGhost - This game was pretty fun, but, as the name suggests, it's fairly similar to 12Sky 1. I had fun at the low level PvP though.
I mainly just provide technical support for this game now when I have free time.

My character's name is JonGhost. I'm a small sprite Shaman.

Whoo, this game is tons of fun! I usually only play when my friends want to play though. I only use the starter primary weapon. I believe it's the EM-4ST? And I buy a DE-50 pistol when I do play. Desert Eagle ftw.

Richman Online - Retired at level 10
Sadly, this game is no more.

Stone Age 2
JonGhost - Very fun Pokemon-style game. Unfortunately, I went back to Pokemon instead of playing this game >.> This game is gone as well.

Cronous - Retired at level 80
JonGhost - Valkyrie. I enjoy the unique drops with the unique skill tree builds that I can do.
Sadly, this game is no more as well.

Grand Fantasia - One of the first to 40 and retired at 40.
JonGhost - Berserker. I was one of the first ten Berserkers to get to level 40, but after that, I lost all motivation to level, so I just stayed at 40 and did PvP until I got bored of that as well. The game is very frustrating with its many gambles and my horrible luck, but I don't have to deal with that anymore. I also made a Necromancer, Assassin, and Cleric as well as several lower level characters. Fun game, but the gambling aspect killed me.

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