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Currently playing on Redemption
Kitten R2 Guan (Neko) BaZinGa.


>>>hey nice to m8 ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sure np =]
first upload it to either photobucket or or which ever you use :] then

get the code that says IMG Code. copy it and paste it on your siggy here on your aeria profiles it should look something like this

[IMG]the url/link to your siggy[/IMG]

hope that helps ^-^
well imma go or ill be late to work xD ttyl :p

aws ;] ty ^-^

o.o so you wanna add me cause some1 always trying to kill me o.O?

and no i dont mind im just like o.O? you know


do i know you o.O?


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My name is Chloe.
and an R6 Guanyin Kitten