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iNinja! :D


Blurb About Me

I love hanging out with my friends, who are hilarious, I miss all my old guild mates even though we still talk to each other. Amaguk you are like the funniest and coolest person I know. Greywulf is my partner in crime along with pretty much the whole Triumverate guild. Im currently in Fraternity, we may be crazy but we will never die!!. FRATERNITY FOR LIFE!!!!!! If you see me around my characters name is iNinja, I play LastChaos and I am mostly on C4 but you can pretty much find me at just about any event tryin to get my money's worth. I do try my best to catch any scammers I see and help out, so WATCH YOURSELF!!. Well thats pretty much about me. Ill try to get some pics of iNinja soon.

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Thanks allot Reptile, it looks great
"iNinja, Because even Super Ninjas need to groove."