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Time to come back lol

kk. ty.

PC, what graphics card do you use? Your pictures on your profile are high quality and I'm jealous. xD

Thanks for trade! Trusted seller

Thanks I love it too :)

Good to be back and thanks

I had been a long time! Weekend was crappy but better this week :)

was just wondering if u were the Blue fro UoF lol

.Blue. ????

Blurb About Me


My name is James, I'm an UK resident, who has found Shaiya as a means of relief during a long illness.

I played on Teos, and I was the first 60UM ranger there.

I met the greatest person ever through this game :)

and many many friends

Outside the game I play pool, and work for a multinational Professional Services company specialising in Insurance related services in complex areas

I'm now a Fury lvl80 Sin, rank16 in PvP I was a GS from Dec09 to Jun12 when I quit the program.

i am enjoying Episode 6 so far, especially as i enjoy making gears :) and the merger seems to have made PvP at least have more people in it :)