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  • Name: Jason
  • Gender: male
  • Location: Retiree City United States
  • Join Date: Dec 26, 2010
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Retired, thank you all who supported me. I chose not to retire as GS. Good luck.


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Iyasu /wave

Happy Birthday Yasu~


My Reid. ❤

Hmmm... Maybe, but personally, its kind of fun to play the bad guys sometime. XD

What do you mean cult?

I don't know why a lot of players dis your guild or hate to see them on the other side of the loading screen, but its always fun for me. You guys are good! See you on the field. (^_^)/

Final Fantasy. :]

Blurb About Me

I dunno about me...I don't pay much attention to me...I'm more observant of other people. Kinda chill kinda relaxed person. I'm pretty smart so I will talk you death. I'm really friendly but sarcastic so learn to take a joke. :) Im lazy, love to game competitively but am able to accept that there will always be better players. After all, "When you're at the top the only place you can go is down." DWO Iyasu.HN2 Look out for me I'm always around.

 Zhuge Liang