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Blurb About Me

Heya, I'm Maiye! I decided to make a new account while waiting for the release of Lime Odyssey. Well I haven't played many games so I'm still a little inexperienced as a gamer. But hey, I'm learning. ;)
I love watching Anime and I love all cute things! But I guess there are 2 sides of me. One side is all cute and nice and the other is a little, um, dark. Yeah I'm weird and also can't spell or type so bare with me. :P
I really don't care who you are and what you do, as long as you are nice to me I'm cool with that. :)
Some of the animes that I really love to watch are Naruto and ofc One piece!!! I also loved beezlebub and Blast of Tempest, but they are finished now (enter sad face here). They're so interesting, if you've never watched them you should be ashamed or yourself. Go, go watch it now!
Another thing that I really love to do is to listen to music. I basically listen to music everyday of my life. I listen to mainly RnB/rap, well i like all types of music except country and defo not dubstep. Ew i hate dubstep.
Some of the Artists I like are: Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean and Mindless Behavior and well yea, and more of

Hope to see you lots in game. ;)