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Ohai there! Let's see, what to say... I'm actually a pretty boring person. I like to play games, which is probably kind of obvious, really. Currently I'm playing Aura Kingdom, where I'm the vice-leader of the guild Atelier, and I'm also playing Shin Megami Tensei IV (Fiend hunting before I finish up the Neutral path) along with Bravely Default.

I love to read. My favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut, though I also read a lot of manga and such. At the moment I'm keeping up with the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, and I've just started the Wheel of Time series. As for manga, I'm reading quite a few, but my favorites are currently I Am A Hero, Horimiya, and Torikago no Tsugai.

I'm pretty easy to talk to and get along with, so if you managed to live through my wall o' text and want to send me a message, you can feel free. :3
*/end rambling*

*Just Finished: Nothing, because I'm terrible. u_u;
*Currently Watching:Catching up on season 3 of Once Upon a Time

*Currently Playing: Aura Kingdom [Siren Server | IGNs: Dacey, Lysenthe, Meenya, Lencea]
*Waiting for: Nothing~

I am an haren, I hav a long nek and i use my beakk to eat fishes. If u r unable to prove me wrong I will fly into ur kitchen 2night and make a mess of your pots and pans.



Wow, you're playing Aura Kingdom? Maybe I should update my client and jazz in there to say hi. I haven't played a game with you since the ol' DOMO days~

hihi~ ヽ(◕‿◕✿)
..dat sandwich xD

Well I guess until the servers decide to let us in then no one will be playing with anyone anyways XD

I'll be in Siren server and in this guild:

If u play AK once it's OB u haz to let me know ur IGN :3 as usual I'll be Catz again lol

Is that a Tsuritama avatar? 'Tis too hip for me to compute!

Just been here and there. GSed 4 diff games here and resigned right now. Still doing school, been job hunting, playin diff games here and there, watching a TON of stuff lol. I keep getting random urges to pull marathons on various shows or animes. I just spent like, all day trying to find a game that'll satisfy me but nothing is really clicking right now. Was in a mood for something cute to play but like, not totally kiddie either. Cute to the eye but lots to do in a game. Something with player housing, various relationships whether it's master/apprentice type stuff or whatever else, mounts, pets, etc. And I want pvp too but a lot of cute games are more pve but with options to duels and arenas instead x.x I dunno, I'm just way too picky right now lol

zomg i miss uuuu lol. where haz u run off to?

-poke poke-

I miss uuuuuuu ;~;