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uhmm..what are you doing...? xD


This trailer It is AWSOME! Please watch this the Best vid ever..!^^

Wow...this is just realy Cool Please do watch this it's just realy tight;) Can't stop watching this^^

This Opening makes you wanna see the Anime xD

This Anime is Called Freezing it is realy worth watching because of the lots of Action, Drama, Romance.

H.O.T.D AMV the music is tight Fusho..^^



WOOW police academy XD thats awesome ^^ im good lol and has it really been a year?? wow...time flies....i graduated highschool and im jus preping myself for college ^^

hey you XDD longtimeno see XDD hhows u?

Lol glad your summer was good :] uh oh two girls? thats bad O: and yeah i guess school is necessary :P and yah i'm doing good with boys :D

That is good ! (: Congrats ! ^ ^
My summer is alright.. I wish for school to start though !

OMGGGG GRATZZZ :D and i've been great! school is starting back in a few weeks ~_~ i had a great summer though :D how was yours?

ohai Iko :D Long timee no talkk. i forgot what episode i was on in Dragon Crisis so i stopped watching it :(. But anyway so how havee you been? :D

Lol yah it suree is!! :]

Blurb About Me

Hihi^^ First time doing something like this, i'm Part dutch, Part Indonesian.
I live in the Netherlands,in the middle of Europe great place to hang out^^
I like Anime: Dragon Crisis, Tenjou Tenge, Naruto, History's Strongest Deciple, Freezing, Onepiece,Bleach,Highschool of the dead and ofcoures oldschool Dragonball Z^^.
Could've named allot of'm there :P and this game Eden Eternal reminds me of the
manga i like so... here i am Playing Eden Eternal it came out..!^^

yay..!It finaly f*cking came out xD Hugs:D

LoL...! xD kinda like me ;)

Summer is on it's way...!!! :D