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adopt your own virtual pet!

adopt your own virtual pet!

adopt your own virtual pet!

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz. rainbow powa!

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This happend to my bro once XD This is so funny XD Also very funny neon star! i am very particular about my cookies Frekin elmo..

Yeah learnings gotta go.. True frendship
They just realized they ate my cookie. Whats my pet doing without his leesh.. Whats naruto doing? my favorite a wolf ^^ ...when I'm sad I often imagine myself in this place...gif
gif Soul eater funnys! how to make a gif Naruto and bleach funnys!


holy crap, it's been too long hunter, you need to come back

Go Team GB!And AbsurdReign!My cousin who is related to my mother!

I just noticed the missile firing was Tabane Shinonono from I.S. .__.
I.S. is bomb. ;o

i hate you to...idiot

fang hates srry for the late reply but why does she hate me :(


ur the biggest cheater i've ever seen =.=

Heyyyyy o.o free karma for myself~

ehhh~?? stop dreaming cuz im gonna win~ ^^+

Blurb About Me

Hey all! Pleasure to meet you! I'm nothing but I simple guy in this big world trying to entertain themselves! Let me tell you about myself....I like cookies, I'm 17, I have got a major sence of humor, so i'm usually the laidback chill carefree kinda guy, however that doesn't mean I don't get angry, if i am angry you can almost instantly sence it...I try to be very active so you might see a lot of me around the DDtank shoutbox....I am mostly very well know there, but I warn you, I can be VERY arrogant at times, it is one of my many I apologize...but anyway! Let me tell you about my friends! Now, the 1st one is probably the luckiest thing that's ever happened to me. And that is my girlfriend bunniesful, she's super cute,and I love her ♥......ok, my next friend is bloodrapper, This guy is totally cool, and he has a great singing next friend is fang123lead, she's very nice when she wants to, and is like a sister to me ^^ friend is zingzang: he's cool, it's me and him against the girls at the momment ×_× .....crayontek:my servant, he's extremely funny, and I respect him for putting up with my cookie demands XD.... then we have, blackheart:THIS GUY IS DA BOMBA....enough is, snowballove: she's very nice, although she does hit me a lot -sulk sulk-.....demire, cool, it's also me and him against the girls, especially since he gets very beaten up by fang123lead and bunniesful.....last but not least we have:deathstriker, another boy, and yet again it's me and him against the girls...he is fangs personal punching bag....oh yes! How could I forget dear old me? Hunter of the myst, laid back, funny, and cheerful^^..looking back this is the longest thing I've ever took about a hour! Also! I can help you edit a picture if you like! Just ask me in the comments I can edit any picture I can resize,add effects,You name it...I can do it^^ Bye now!