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Check the Play list of Melodies of the Night, and Winter Carols of the Night for great Gothic music from the masterminds of Nox Arcana.


Hey dude! :)

I know I haven't been around at all as of late (mostly due to Real Life stuff, though admittedly P4 has been eating some of my free time too, hahaha), but I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! :D

Hope you haven't gotten sick of all the pasteles, lechon, or coquito yet, hee! XD


Hi dude!

My reply to you was too long, so I had to PM you. Hope you don't mind! ^_^;;

Click it 3 times Thanks

Click the picture three times to hit me back! :)

Thanks, and I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving too! :D (Hope you didn't overeat and get stuffed, haha! XD)