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Blurb About Me


"Nothing" is perfect, and I'm nothing so I guess that makes me perfect ;3



*stares at you*

Haha I've been pretty busy xD work, schoolwork, and artwork lol I don't check forums often because of them, and play EE even less. But I still GameSage for EE, and plan to stick around til the event horizon if there'll be one. What have you been up to? (Might be nice to send me pm so I'd know when you reply, I lost the habit to check my profile often ;v; )

Oh! Hey hiira! It's been a long time, I haven't seen you in awhile @_@ how have you been?

*pokes you then licks you lewdly* :3

Hiiragi Darling

Hiiragi Darling

Rawr. I miss you >.>

u have such a cute blurb

*licks your neck lewdly*

just sum drama irl o:
im aliveeeee


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