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/abuses hard

immortality is good to have, but I wouldn;t suggest you to take chances on that.

What's happening with your health!

Same old on this end.

wassup heIIs

living hun, living ....
how you doing?

Hope you're doing better. I just got diagnosed with Epilepsy as it is. Glad I got it all under control now though, was up in the air for about 5 years. :D But really

I do as I please. :) I'm surviving. You?



Heya, yeah. There's a lot of information.

Here's the throwup of information that I have gathered from my tests.


The rumored "10 posts" to clear actually has some merit behind it. It seems that 10 is the normal amount of cache for the shoutbox, so after it gets gummed up, after ten posts (regardless of the time) it empties the cache and you can start posting in it again.

This has been a confirmed issue with the actual shout box itself, it has not been absent given any browser and occurs for multiple people in multiple locations on multiple web browsers even when they join in at different times.

The original cause for the gumming up however appears to be when two people enter a post at the same time. The two posts actually seem to annihilate each other and stop the shoutbox.

It is interesting that neither of the posts that are entered at the same time seem to show themselves after the cache dump.

This is *not* an issue of the old caching issue I don't believe. It doesn't matter how many posts are actually made, as I have gone for a long time in conversation.

Furthermore, the issue of why it continues to break while people try to clear is in part due to the no restriction on how quickly we can enter a post. I can break the shoutbox singlehandedly by making small posts over and over before the post can resolve, but while clearing, if multiple people are trying to clear, those posts can also collide which will break the shoutbox all over again.

A small fix might to put in a one or two second stall on the shout box (like Aeria.EU's three seconds, though that is a bit long). This will make the clearing a little harder but it may prevent the shoutbox from breaking as often. However, as a pro to how it currently is, if someone tries to super spam the shout box, this is *extremely* effective.

I'm still going to test a few things to confirm the 10 message limit and see if there is a better way to clear and/or unhook the shout box

Hey Shaun. I am not playing anymore but checking forums time to time :)

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