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  • Name: Marc
  • Gender: male
  • Location: Brighton United Kingdom
  • Join Date: Oct 13, 2007
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The New Dynasty is here!


Why hello there buttercup :)

Wow, 33 weeks ago eh? You've been gone like a year I swear. Give us your MSN or something?

Horizontal horse. Still remember that. ;D

Where've you been?

Never see you on.

Horizontal horse o.o

Click it 3 times. Thanks

Blurb About Me

Hmm, about me...

My name is Marc, i live in Brighton UK.
It's an ok place, but quite cold. I enjoy playing 12 sky a lot and intend to become a Master...

My IGN is Hante. I choose this name mainly because I'm a big Devil May Cry fan, see the connection? Mwhahaha.

Anywho, I'm not as active as i use to be, but still nice to come back to Aeria to see how things are coming along on my favorite games.