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MaskedOne from DWO and on DWOZ. MaskedTwo on smite. maskedone11 on skype. If you wanna talk or w/e I check it every now and then.


lol, it's fine, I haven't really been on myself aside from hopping from one dead shoutbox to another. I've been alright, just checking around to see who is still alive and who moved on to other games xD I also got back into JP DWOZ recently. How have you been? o.o

-random poke to a most likely dead account-


Good to chat & catch up a bit today, man. Take life easy & have a cold one on me.

that was embarrassing...and ultimately futile....were you the minister on the CC side?(when I got scolded by frosty)

Where is gone our masked now ? :o

shout box is being a pain and wont work for me so I will post it here:I tried to use a card from last month and it said "already redeemed"

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MaskedOne from DWO. If you wanna chat or w/e I'm maskedone11 or skype and my name's MaskedOne on DWOZ too. I'm in Wu there. I play smite and pretty much any game as long as it's free if someone asks me to. lol