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I'm 22 going on 23 years old. I currently attend college and am a Film Major. I hate two-faced people and I hate fake people. I love to play trading card games such as Cardfight Vanguard or WoW. My hobbies include drawing, playing guitar, playing games, sleeping (yes, that's a hobby), playing card games, and making movies. What else... hmm... I'm... Asian :P



Hopefully when OB comes out we can all play together. Persuade Amanda to play, too!

Aw thank you! xD

Woo! Being 21 is difficult when everyone thinks you're 12 LOL.

Thanks boss. c:

Ofc silly! :3 And that's awesome. Teach me some Japanese!

Ugh, that song is so good.

Yeah, I haven't been very active here lately :U Just log on to check my inbox then peace out.

oh thnx! i already gave you some! ; ;
hope you're doing well! you should play terraria with me c:

ty happy new years to you as well! hope all your dreams and wishes comes true! you enjoying cali?

-feeds u magical chicken noodle soup- ALL BETTER

o **** you're gonna have to show me how to get that working sometime. i'll forever be in your debt
hope you have a merry christmas and safe flight to cali ♥



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