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ily :)

Cool bro, nice to hear from you also. I miss seeing you ingame though. hit me up whenever your online

ciao. ma che succede su WT? è pieno di hack,mai vista una cosa simile

What's up bro, not seeing much of you lately, hope all is well :)


XD See? You can't report him..because he is your even ignored my message lel

My friend :) cant describe how much respect I have for you.

Thanks for your help^^ I got the account back, waiting till aeria activate the email..thanks ;p karma^ HA

Thank you [GS]Ghost! :D Karma back to you as well!

Cheers, gave Karma too :3

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I died 30 years ago....
I was buried at Trinity Cemetery...
I died at the age of 330 years...
I have come for revenge! kill all Wolves!!

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