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Nice work in Guild War. XD I laughed when I saw you were up against Evo by yourself but, hey, at least we made it past the first round! I can load the game in my evenings but apparently the traffic is too heavy for me to load it any earlier, two days in a row it's refused to budge.

Don't apologise for offending them, they deserve it! >.> Especially Iggy.

But you made me update my profile. Good job.

"A guy at work bought a car out of the paper. Ten years later, Bam! Herpes."


Pfft you're not allowed to hear that story right now. Lol.

He won't reply to my comments either D: it saddens me. Mannabelle randomly called me last night. o.o
The 2nd was badass in the beginning. She slowly started to creep me out though Dx but Minene is still my favorite xD

Lmao my friends tease me about you. Dx/xD But next time I see her I will o3o Wow 8bit must have been bored without me o_O He was messaging me the whole time I was on. He never messages me XD
Heading off for the night. -waits for Mel to barrage me with texts-
The watcher was awesome, but I like the 6th. And Akise Aru. Mirai Nikki Paradox sucked. And the 2nd scared me O_O

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