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From my super awesome Valentine, Jievra!

Our story begins in the fictional place of Santa Clara, California,
with the almighty Xuse2005, king of all Game Masters and infamous
Product Manager. For many of our Earthly years, Xuse had been keeping
an eye on the mortal by the name of LadyBorderlinex, seeing her as a
prospective Game Sage. LadyB, however, was not very fond of the idea,
and did all that was in her power to escape the grasps of Xuse.
Unfortunately for her, Xuse was always one step ahead of her plans, and
this eventually forced her to give in.

Not long after that, Xeus was given a prophesy by the LCExchequer:
"This new game sage... one day, she will bring forth a power that will
out-troll even you!"

Taking this prophesy very seriously, Xeus decided to act immediately.
He suggested LadyB a thread that needed GS intervention, and while she
was distracted, he swallowed her whole!

That day, Xeus was suffering a stomach ache so bad that it was read
[about] all over the forums. Finally, Superman0X came up with a very
logical solution: "I got a box with some Tylenol pain reliever pills on it...
I'll take them out, fill it with bricks and hit you in the gut with it until you
feel better!" Before Xuse could could "WTF?!", he was kissing the floor with
more pain then ever.

Suddenly, Xuse's stomach began to split, and out from it came
GM_darasuum, in full Casual Friday attire.

Created by the combination of LadyB's DNA and Xuse's digestive acids,
GM_darasuum was finally out to wreck havoc upon the Report Behavior forum!



GM Darasuum GS Giovanna's Bloody Badge of Undeadness


not sure whats going on with Last Choas but seems most sages rather have a chat box personal use i been here longtime help all but things getting outa control, time yall value ur players been here a while, Kids in charge of teaching and helping seems doesn't happen no more. Look my profile as any1 on K sever who helps other than GS Mella I do, shoutbox has become a joke it was 4 help now a public free 4 all.

GMdarasuum, hair, cape and headband flying in the wind like a BOSS. I hope you are having a wonderful week!!! =D

Omg that profile pic! >.>

yo yo. what up my main mangggg


I totally called it.

your page needs more loving !

merry christmas GMDaraspam.

Merry Christmas, to a favorite GM :P