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I am no sugar cookie getter!

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add me

man i have Permanent banned and i am full ap before 2 days from banned i am buying 18800 ap and Aeria say u use hack and i am dont use any thing and me say ok give me vidoe say no ok make me see i want help man give me acc or give me money aeria know me help me please man

Meh , Man , Really sad to see u gone ...
But nothing we can do =(
We wish to see u back , And if you don't want to be PM , Don't be then , Just come to visit us as much u can =(
You'll be missed.

Sense you dont wanna even read my ticket,i ask you nicely to pass it to memphis (i think memphis will show any respect to me,and hope he will understand , if i wont get my account and he closes the ticket , I WILL ACCEPT THE BAN.

Jedi, there is alot of hackers i hope you will fixed the problem
and patched those hacks

Would you be able to check out the Website Top 100 Rankings, they're very out of date :S

Thanks All to Solves the Problems =)

Hey GMJediMike have a question there should be 32 +16 +8 +4 +1 = 61
stars can only see 48 ranks as the stars (game guide) + ranks and the same compared with rankings
it is an error ? I'm not so good at English hopes You can read this.


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I like Wolf Team.