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Now for some of my photos with music! Enjoy!



Yep, haha! Thanks for noticing. They`re not as nicely setup as yours, though.

kel :D you linked me as your couple :D thats cute ;) :D....see you later my brother :P

Yes please!!! *_*

Thanks for the add. Also, wow, your profile is really well done...
I'm jealous.

pew pew, good night my brother :D

whaaa you realy posted my question from ingame to your signature xD:.... HONEYFRUITS NOMM NOMM :D ...or should i say nyan nyan?! xDD

Blurb About Me

I was born in the wild forests of southern Africa, until the white man came and we were forced to flee from our natural habitat. I wandered north, learned how to use basic tools and in short time, became a photographer.

Ironing, particularly the little-known sport, Extreme Ironing - 'Get the creases out, or get out' - we iron under extreme circumstances, such as up a mountain or in a blizzard. If you're impressed, you should be. I also enjoy bee keeping (or 'apiculture), people might laugh at me, but chicks dig the mask and the great big gloves.

Oh and this

People who think it's wrong to paint tiny swastikas on the pelts of bees. But is it so wrong? Is it? Is it wrong to tickle snakes? Is it wrong to taunt badgers? What does 'wrong' really mean anyway? Isn't 'wrong' just 'right' with four letters different?

And now for some eye-candy.


IGN: Michael
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